Some tutorials and conclusions about deep learning framework

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2. what happened when following errors occurs ???

11. error:  RuntimeError: tensors are on different GPUs

3. GPU 和 CPU 数据之间的转换:

10. the often used opeartions in pytorch:

9. load imge to tensor & save tensor data to image files. 

 7. pytorch save checkpoints 

8. install python3.5 on ubuntu system:

  we can read this reference: http://blog.csdn.net/shudaqi2010/article/details/54860 748 

  value = varable.data.numpy().

 6. image paste using python: 

  But, you can not directly convert the Variable to numpy() or something else. You can load the values in the Variable and convert to numpy() through: 

5.  Some Operations about tensor. obtained from blog: http://www.cnblogs.com/huangshiyu13/p/6672828.html 

1. install the pytorch version 0.1.11 

4. Variable and Tensor: 

  ==>> this will change the hard_neg_differ_ into a variable, not a Float.Tensor() any more.